A Very Brief Detour on the Power of Organization

It’s grant-writing season, and I have a grant request submission deadline at the beginning of next week. On top of that, I have to finalize a paper I will present (also next week) at a statistics conference.

Last week I have been busy finalizing my latest CMS paper that is now on the ArXiv, about WZ bosons production (very nice measurement, improving the current experimental picture quite a lot, I must say—highly suggested reading), and grading programming assignments for the course I am assistant of this semester in UCLouvain.

The nice thing is that—contrary to the past—I am not scratching fingers at the deadline while feeling the pressure of urgency; I am just doing exactly what I should be doing at this stage, i.e. polishing material that is mostly final.

And this, folks, is a hugely relaxing sensation.

So relaxing that, in fact, I am writing this while going to fetch the pizzas The Wife and I ordered for take-away 🙂

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