My New Paper is a Manifesto for Good Practices!

Too much time has passed since my last post; I had a couple busy months, and I will have a few more 🙂

Among my recent activities, I spent last week in Zürich attending Standard Model at the LHC 2019 , where I presented the status of W and Z multiboson measurements in ATLAS and CMS. Together with Carlos from Oviedo—where I previously was based—we have produced a nice result, that has been part of my presentation, on WZ inclusive+differential cross section and search for anomalous couplings , which has been published in JHEP just a couple days before the conference 🙂

The SM@LHC series consists actually of specialized workshops designed to bring together experienced researcher and have them discuss the open topics and points of improvement that concern Standard Model physics. Well, not only Standard Model, actually; nowadays the precision of SM measurements is so large that we expect to be able to see sizeable discrepancies from SM predictions in case there is some new physics nested into the couplings (parameters representing the strength of an interaction between a set of particles).

In the “usual” conferences about HEP physics, a talk on “multiboson measurements in ATLAS and CMS” would consist in a list of nice results with highlights about who did what with a better precision; while showcasing results is very important, one sometimes feels the need of a more critical discussion of the results, to identify possible improvements to be made and therefore inform future action.

Workshops like SM@LHC satisfy exactly this need; speakers are invited by the organizers to give talks focused more on the issues and open points than on the accomplishments. In order to prepare my overview of multiboson measurements, I have read in detail a number of ATLAS and CMS papers, following this mandate. Because of my tasks within the Collaboration (I review papers for the phrasing of statistical claims, for example), I have grown a bit picky on the topic of reporting results, and I started to notice things.

After preparing the talk I took a plane to Zürich right before Easter, spent the weekend visiting the town with my wife, and started thinking about systematizing the observations I had made to possibly abstracting some kind of guidelines.

During the four days of the workshop, I started jotting out a few ideas, and on Friday morning I submitted the result to the ArXiv.

My Reporting Results in High Energy Physics Papers: a Manifesto is now out, Screenshot from 2019-04-29 15-07-12and I have already received feedback from the community (quite good, so far!). If you feel like reading these 10 entertaining pages, make sure you drop me a like with additional feedback; I surely missed some point and the document can be always improved.

Last but not least, the act of writing the acknowledgements section for this paper led me to investigate about my CMS membership; I realized this year (in July, actually) marks my 10th year in CMS; I am not sure this is a milestone, but somehow it feels like one.

For sure, looking back, I realize how many things I now kind of understand—things  I had absolutely no clue about when I started. And that feels good 😀

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